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Imagine Schools – Chancellor Campus


A school where educational excellence is individually defined…

Imagine Schools is built upon expectations high enough to live up to a child’s potential. In our schools, success means developing character and enriching minds as we graduate students well prepared for college, career, and life.

Chancellor Charter School at Lantana opened in 2001. The school’s charter was renewed in 2006 as an “Imagine School”. In 2009 we renewed our charter with the Palm Beach County School District for 10 years as Imagine-Chancellor promising to serve students in grades K-8.  In the 2009-2010 school year we met the affective as well as academic needs of 600 students.  In our new facility, we expanded our population to 1,000 learners.

The school’s mission statement was written by our student body. Its message reflects the sentiments of all those who celebrate education: love of learning, understanding with application, joy, integrity, and leadership with character.  It states:

A school where educational excellence is individually defined……..

The mission of Imagine Chancellor is to help all students love learning.  Understanding and application are an important part of acquiring academic skills.  A sense of joy, integrity and fun are threaded into the Imagine Chancellor fabric.  Leadership with character is the key to a successful future.

Excellence is our goal.  Caring and commitment will make it happen!


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