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PBG operates on the principle that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

To that end, we are incorporating a behavior-based safety program which will provide each employee the education and training to make decisions which will remove known hazards from any given task. Positive reinforcement for safe behavior and our Safety Recognition Program are two of the key elements for building the base of our program.

PBG is committed to be in compliance with all Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations. We are fostering an atmosphere in which employees and sub-contractors are encouraged to ask questions concerning compliance as changes in our regulatory world are happening with increasing frequency. Employee input is valued at PBG.

Attitude towards safety.

With PBG being a young and growing enterprise in the heavy construction industry, we are establishing a foundation for our Health and Safety program which allows for flexibility to adapt to the ever increasing changes expected in our business climate looking forward into the next decade.

The cornerstone for the culture building process is based primarily on continuous education and training. The starting point for culture building is having each employee develop and maintain a good safety attitude.

This attitude is accomplished by:

  • Focusing on the job
  • Strength to do the right thing
  • Taking time to do the job correctly
  • Taking responsibility even when a task “is not my job”

This safe attitude will be supported by leadership by example from management and supervision, everyone having a voice in safety issues, and having proactive safety committees which will be consistent and active in order to obtain visible results.

Hazards are subject to entering our work environment at any given moment due to frequent changing conditions and often contain elements that are often beyond our immediate control. To overcome these elements, we must never give up. Working safely and maintaining an effective safety program is a continuous work in progress.

Safety – “The decision by each of our employees to execute the task at hand safely is critical to achieving zero incidents .” – Dale Eley

Mr. Dale Eley 
Executive Director of Safety

Safety is a core value at PBG and is being embedded at every level of operations. We have set the goal and are making the necessary commitments to achieve a zero incident safety culture.

This culture is being established by a training program which educates our employees on the importance and benefits of having a safe work environment. PBG’s Management and Supervisory staff is responsible for ensuring that each employee does their part to eliminate unsafe acts and unsafe behavior.

We offer Safety, Quality, and Productivity which are met in a timely manner to our clients who agree to partner with us and share the same vision. PBG resolves to demonstrate an effective Safety Program which not only benefits our employees, but will be a bonus to our clients on whom we depend for our success.

History has shown that business enterprises sharing a common goal can achieve growth and preservation of capital. This achievement starts with and is maintained by emphasis on human resources.

PBG is a Professional Contractor in the people business.

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